Why Johnny Depp And Lily-Rose Depp’s Relationship Is More Problematic Than You Think

Why are fans accusing Lily-Rose Depp of being a horrible daughter? Did Johnny just throw shade at his daughter for the world to see, and why do some fans believe that Amber Heard is behind all of this? Stay tuned, because we’ve got all the intel on Lily-Rose and her relationship with her dad. Even though she didn’t directly name her ex-husband Depp in the piece, Johnny and his legal team claimed there was a heavy implication that the piece was about him, adding that the actor had lost out on movie deals as a direct result of the article, as well as major credibility in Hollywood. Since then, Johnny has continuously denied ever laying hands on Amber and filed a defamation lawsuit against her in response to the article in 2022. Since then, Johnny has recently won the case, and though the world is celebrating, it seems bitter-sweet as fans just can’t seem to leave Lily-Rose Depp alone!

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