Why Cardi B’s Parenting Is More Questionable Than You Think

Cardi B often comes across as one of the most perfect celeb moms on the internet. But is this really true? Or is there much more going on under the surface that many people are not aware of? Well, stick around, because we are going to be talking all about why Cardi B’s parenting is a little bit more questionable than you think.

We can all agree that Cardi B is one of the most famous celebrities in the music industry today. She is also married to Offset, who is another popular rapper.

So it goes without saying that their kids would be one of the most popular kids in the world. Also, Cardi has a huge following on social media, with more than 130 million followers on Instagram alone. So in addition to being one of the most popular kids in the world, they are also social media famous

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