If a person becomes infected with monkeypox, the incubation period before they begin to show symptoms lasts anywhere from 5 to 21 days

Most people experience two sets of monkeypox symptoms

The first symptoms occur for about 5 days and include: – fever – headaches and/ or    back pain – swollen lymph nodes – muscle aches – low energy.

A few days after having a fever, a rash normally appears on the person infected with monkeypox. The rash looks similar to pimples or blisters and can appear on many parts of the body, including:

– face – chest – palms of the hands – soles of the feet – inside the mouth – genitals and/ or anus. Symptoms normally last between two to four weeks. Monkeypox currently has a fatality rate of 3% to 6%Trusted Source.

Tecovirimat  (TPOXX) is an antiviral drug developed by SIGA Technologies for the treatment of smallpox and related diseases. According to Dr. Dennis Hruby, chief scientific officer at SIGA Technologies, TPOXX is the only approved antiviral for the treatment of monkeypox.