He's the one with the intellectual clarity to start to slowly and gently unravel her world for her. It's a great thing to play because it was completely opposite of what we were doing in season one," Marsden says of returning to play a new (maybe more sentient) Teddy in season four.

His return to Westworld was confirmed for viewers in episode four, “Generation Loss,” for those who might not have guessed he was the hero from season four’s premiere who flitted from the shadows to save Christina from a panicked, unstable and now dead stalker Peter Myers (Aaron Stanford).

Shepherded to the “sublime” at the end of season two, it looked as if Teddy’s time in the HBO series’ universe had come to an end. But with his return, it seems like Marsden’s fan-favorite character got some kind of sentient upgrade while he was away for season three.

Teddy also retains the same personality as the host Dolores and audiences fell in love with — even seemingly carrying memories from the duo’s potential former lives.