The Sick Truth About Jim Carrey We All Ignore

There are so many things to love about Jim Carrey. He is funny, a great comedian, and a pretty great actor. But this doesn’t mean that he is an all-around perfect guy because there are some disturbing things about him that we all seem to overlook.

Is he really that much of a great guy or are we just used to ignoring some sick facts about him? Well, get comfortable, because today, we will be talking about some sick truths about Jim Carrey that we all ignore. Let’s start off with something that’s not so much of a big deal, at least not when compared to the other things that we have to talk about.

Jim Carrey is an unapologetic anti-vaxxer, which means that he does not support children taking vaccines.Being an anti-vaxxer is nothing new or rare, especially in the world that we live in today. While many people believe that everyone should have the right to accept or decline vaccines, we also cannot deny that vaccines save lives.

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