Red Flags About Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson’s Relationship That We Ignore

How do fans really feel about Pete Davidson meeting Kim Kardashians’ kids? Why is the internet calling the couple “cringe” and why do some people believe that the pair were doomed from the start? Stay tuned, because we’ve got all the weird intel on this unexpected relationship! So, for those of you who don’t know, Kim and Pete began dating in October 2021 after she made her debut on Saturday Night Live earlier that month. At the time, the pair shared an on-screen kiss in a sketch, but little did we know that at that point, Kim was actually into Pete and wanted to get to know him! It was later revealed in an early June episode of The Kardashians that Kim made the first move in their relationship, and the rest was historyBut most recently, fans have been spotting some major red flags, that Kris Jenner actually spotted first – but we’ll get into that later!

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