Every Body Language Sign That Showed That Amber Heard LIE

Why did Camille Vasquez accuse Amber Heard of fake crying throughout her infamous defamation trial with Johnny Depp, why do many members of the public insist that Heard had been acting the whole time, and what do Body Language experts have to say about Ambers’s latest interview? Stay tuned, because we’ve got the key body language signs that may prove that Amber did indeed lie…

The case of Depp v. Heard has gone down in history. The defamation suit began years ago, when Amber had previously accused Johnny of DV during their romantic relationship, going so far as to publish a Washington Post op-ed in 2018 about her experience, which in turn, wrecked Johnny’s career and public perception. Johnny has since alleged that Amber has, in fact, been the perpetrator, and the mastermind behind his image being wrecked the whole time.

The evidence certainly seems stacked against Amber, hence why she lost the case. But why has the internet largely sided with Johnny on the matter, and how did Amber really go, to gain some sympathy and be perceived as the victim?

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